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"Han har fulgt etter meg i to timer."

Translation:He has been following me for two hours.

September 26, 2015



Is "å folge etter" a common construct similar to "å lære bort"?


I wouldn't say 'follow' and 'teach' are similar concepts.


Oh, sorry... I didn't mean to ask whether they mean the same thing, rather whether "å folge etter" is a verbal phrase similar to how "å lære bort" is a verbal phrase?


'folge' isn't a verb, so it wouldn't be a verbal phrase. (æ = ae, ø = oe, å = aa)

'å følge(/foelge) etter' is a verb phrase. It means following behind someone, often without you wanting them to know that you're following them.

'å følge med' means to come along with someone/something, or to pay attention to something (during class).

'å følge' means leading someone somewhere.

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Is it wrong to say "for" to timer ? Because"i" is confusing me..


Yes, in such time duration constructions you have to translate the English 'for' as 'i'.


Followed is also

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