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  5. "Nosso gato não come açúcar."

"Nosso gato não come açúcar."

Translation:Our cat does not eat sugar.

January 4, 2013



How come "Our cat do not eat sugar" is incorrect? When on the previous lesson it said asked to type "Meus cavalos nao comem arroz" and I typed in "My horses does not eat rice" and it was incorrect? Why is it different?


In both cases there is a mismatch between subject (singular/plural) and the form of "do" used. You say "cat does" (not "cat do") and "horses do" (not "horses does").


When is it appropriate to use 'Nosso' as opposed to 'Nos'? Are they interchangeable?


Not really. "Nós" means "we" and "nosso" means "our" (when talking about a masculine singular thing). There is another word "nos" (without the accent) which can mean "us" among other things.


I checked your answer and its the same as what i put..dont know why you didnt give me the point.?

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