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English Conversation Learn...

Confiram, parece muito bom!! QUASE como assistir uma serie em inglês, só q com lições...

Diálogos e legenda em inglês!!

(assistir os diálogos + traduzir diálogos para o português + assistir de novo = Ótimo exercício de inglês)


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I've known these videos. They're really great, However I don't think translating is the best way to learn how to form sentences and speak them quickly.... The person better try to understand it in their target language.

2 anos atrás


Hahaha, I have seen this video! She's a woman of Spain that went to UK or USA, now I forgot the country. She breaks a cup, no? ehehehe. In this video, in 7:30, a teacher says that I can use "you" with a young boy or with the Queen of England. I thought that I should say "Your Majesty".

2 anos atrás


That's true at least in American English. You can check these videos below.





https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkAK9QRe4ds(This video is funny)

It's common people say "sir" or "miss" after the sentence.

What would you like to know sir?

2 anos atrás