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  5. "My grandmother was very old."

"My grandmother was very old."

Translation:Benim anneannem çok yaşlıydı.

September 26, 2015



Maybe I missed a distinction made earlier on, but why is "eskiydi" not an acceptable construction of "was old"?


"eski" can only be used for objects, not people. A car can be "eski".

"yaşlı" is only used for living things; people, animals...A woman or a man can be "yaşlı".


It's a translation of "was old" but it doesn't work here.

"eski" is "old" as in the opposite of "new". "yaşlı" is "old" as in the opposite of "young".

People are young and then become old -- they are not new and then become old. You would use "eski" for things that are not new, such as an old house or an old shoe.


Can someone explain me why yaşlıydı and not yaşlıdı? Thanks


Dose that mean that the grandmother is already died?

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