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"My stocking"

Translation:Minha meia

January 4, 2013

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"A minha meia" é mais correcto, do que "minha meia"! A menos que consideremos que em português do Brasil eles gostam de comer palavras... Em português de Portugal seria mais correcto "a minha meia"!

Translation (only now did I notice that I was writing everything in portuguese, sorry guys!) To me, " a minha meia" would be more correct than "minha meia"!Unless of course it's one of those differences between PT-BR and PT-PT. In brazilian portuguese they do tend to eat a few words, when compared to the Portuguese from Portugal. But in PT-PT it would definitely be: "a minha meia"!


I don't get it though. Wouldn't "A minha meia" mean "The my sock?" Why put the "A" in front of the phrase?


No. "A minha meia" means "my sock". If you want to say "The sock is mine" it would be "A meia é minha".. The reason is that possessive nouns in portuguese are accompanied by the articles. Like in italian "La mia media"..


Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, uses the word stocking, unless you are talking about the things that hang above the fireplace at Christmas. I suggest fixing the sentence to say "my sock".


What do you call the long nylon things women wear that go up to the thigh? I know pantyhose are more popular, but stockings are still sold.


i totally agree with you, "my sock" is the correct


'A minha meia' is as correct as 'Minha meia'


Is nh pronounced like ñ


Hi! Can anybody please give examples whats the difference between fornecer abastecer and mear. Examples please!


"Fornecer"=provide, supply. "abastecer"=stock (as in filling up the fridge), or simply fill up, as in putting gasoline in your car. So I guess it's like re-fill, pump, or fill up.

Therefore, fornecedor=supplier, provider.

The dictionary says mear=v. halve, share equally, divide into two. So, I suppose it means "cut in half", or "to halve", but I never use it.


That's funny.. mear. Translate that in spanish and lets see what it says lol


Fornecer and abastecer are almost the same. I guess fornecer can be used exactly as provide. Abastecer is more used in the sense of fully provide. But they can vary with regions and are synonims so you can use either of them. I don't know what mear is.


Doesn't 'meia' also mean 'half'?


Yes. I think the sock must have originally been described as HALF a stocking or trousers, and that is why we call socks "meias", which is just short for meia-calça (half-pants). Now we use meia-calça for stockings or pantyhose, and call socks "half" or "halves" (meias). But this is just my personal hypothesis. =)

And meia also means the number 6. It comes from Meia Duzia (half a dozen). You would only hear it if somebody is giving you their telephone number, ID number, or address. I don't think they will teach it here, but I hope they will. Phone numbers and addresses could be confusing if you didn't know about this.


yes, meio/meia/meio/meias means half. it can vary in number and gender because it's an adjective. meia/meias is sock (most nouns only vary in number). meio (noun) can also mean environment or centre, depending on the context.


Can somebody explain to me what does "Stocking" means?! .. English is not my first language, so this is the first time i heard that. I thought it was the stocking as in what you put inside the turkey in thanksgiving? lol


No, that's stuffing! =]

What is your first language? Maybe someone could translate for you. Or you could try a google image search, that always helps, especially when it's a noun you're after. Stocking is like a sock, here is what the dictionary says:

a women's garment, typically made of translucent nylon or silk, that fits closely over the foot and is held up by garters or an elasticized strip at the upper thigh.
• short for Christmas stocking .
• a long sock worn by men.
• [usu. with adj. ] a cylindrical bandage or other medical covering for the leg resembling a stocking, esp. an elasticized support used in the treatment of disorders of the veins.
• a white marking of the lower part of a horse's leg, extending as far as, or just beyond, the knee or hock.

I hope it helps! =]


Thank you! I had the same question.


Is nh pronounced like ñ


a minha meia is correct


why isn't is "meu" instead of "minha"?


Hey Alyssa! Because the word "meia" is feminine. If the word was masculine, like "carro," it would be "meu carro." I hope it helps! =]


i was wondering the same thing


why is "meu meia" wrong? Meu e Minha has the same meaning.


Please read my reply to AlyssaEvans. =]

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