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"Tegningen skal utstilling."

Translation:The drawing is going on display.

September 26, 2015



So, does this sentence imply a verb to go with the modal "skal," or is "skal" actually also a verb in its own right?


Skal + a preposition or an adverb of motion is a verb, translated with "is going" + preposition.


Would it sound awkward to include the verb? I don't think I've ever seen the verb included when the sentence is understood without it. "Jeg skal aldri aldri dit igjen", for example.


In the sentence given in the exercise, it would. I don't know what sort of verb would fit. Maybe, "være" would work, as in "Tegningen skal være på utstilling" but it sounds either redundant, or unfinished. If you specify a duration, as in "Tegningen skal være på utstilling i to uker", then it would be ok. For your example it can work. You could put any verb of motion in to specify, as in "Jeg skal aldri dra dit igjen" or "Jeg skal aldri gå/kjøre/fly dit igjen". But it would work perfectly fine without also, as in "Jeg skal aldri dit igjen".


Can you say "tegningen skal være på utsilling"?



That'd be "The drawing is going to be on display".


Does 'tegning' translate as 'sketch' as well?


Yes, it does. If you want to differentiate you could also use the word skisse for sketch.


How would 'the drawing is going in the exhibition' translate? Wrong in this case evidently.


You would have to make 'utstilling' definite: "Tegningen skal på utstillingen". Just how in English sometimes a phrase means something different if the noun in a noun phrase is definite or indefinite. "I'm going to school" means the school you attend, while "i'm going to the school" doesn't mean you're a student there.


Thanks, very helpful


Why is "the painting" here wrong?


A painting is not a drawing. Painting would be maleri

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