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  5. "If you want."

"If you want."

Translation:Se você quer.

January 4, 2013



It would be more correct, since we have a 'if' to translate it as 'se tu quiseres' or 'se você quiser', not 'quer'


I answered: "Se quiseres", but that wasn't accepted. I should have written: "Se tu quiseres". But I would say without "tu" would be correct as well, wouldn't it. Or is that based to much on the Portuguese from Portugal?


Would this be subjunctive form?


It is not but it should be.


I suppose "Se você quer" and "se tue queres" are accepted, because at this stage in the course we have learned some verbs in present tense but no further tenses or moods. It would be nice if the duolingo accepted further correct answers. Personally I am already happy it does accept more than one answer!


Hover hint suggested me "Se te deseja" and it was wrong. Not the first time that hints are missing the target.


What happened to "Se você quiser"?


It sounds so weird to me to say quer, I speak Spanish and I always want to say quieres lmao. Its going to take me a long time to get used to saying quer.


In Portugal you can say 'se (tu) queres', or, as the other comments indicate: 'se (tu) quiseres'. That's more in line with what your used to in Spanish.

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