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English for Georgian speakers

Hello guys. :) Here you can vote for the course of English for Georgian speakers. Who wants this kind of course on Duolingo? I would definitely moderate or contribute for it :) Vote here!

September 27, 2015


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"You who are going through these lines (of the future Georgian course) will discover the mystery of the Georgian legends":


Make sure to watch the video above to see what I'm talking about (and hear some Georgian), THEN vote.


I loved this song and the video. I knew nothing about Georgia before. But now you have my support for addition of the language 110%


I am so eager to see this course released one day !! I vote for ;-)


I vote for Georgian.


I don't know when I would learn another language, unless I give up sleep, but I saw one of your previous posts about Georgian and it intrigues me. I'll vote for it. :)


Georgian Alphabet is very special and lots of my foreign friends asked me to teach them Georgian language, but its a little bit difficult when you have a little time to share the skills.Thus, To add Georgian- English / English- Georgian course would be really great possibility for many tourists coming to Georgia, and for people who are interested in languages as well as for many Georgian people. Dear Duolingo Hope you will take into consideration all the above comments and great desire of site member in favor of the course "English for Georgian speakers" / Georgian for English Speakers "


Hmm... დიახ :P


გმადლობთ :P

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