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Old English or other dead languages

Who wants to see Old English added to Duolingo (note: not English but Old English, which is a dead language from hundreds of years ago that is similar to Dutch or German). I'm just curious as to how much interest there is from learners.

If you're not interested in Old English, do you have an interest in another dead language, like Latin or Old Norse?

September 27, 2015



Oh, I have interest in Old Norse :)


Hi. That's awesome. What makes you want to study Old Norse? I think it would be very interesting, as well.


Ænglisc would definately be interesting. I'd like to see the differences between the French influenced English of today and the more Germanic English.


Latin would definitely be cool


I want to learn Old Norse which is very similar to Icelandic and Norwegian . Also I'm learning Ottoman Turkish which is my native languages old and better version that written in Arabic alphabet . I wanna see it here too , as possible as for Turkish speakers :)


What are the main differences between Ottoman Turkish and Modern Turkish? (Besides the alphabet)


Write in my stream if you would like some resources and explanation in Old Norse. My knowledge is very limited, but I'm glad to help people learning the ancient norse language :)


I have to vote for Latin.


Ek vil læra norrœnt mál, ok þat vil ek gøra nú :)


I'd love to see Old Norse, Ænglisc and Latin here. Other dead languages would be awesome too!

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