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  5. "The decade ends today."

"The decade ends today."

Translation:A década termina hoje.

January 4, 2013



Terminar and Acabar are synonymy, therefore, both should be accepted.


there isn't any subtle difference between those 2 verbs ?


Not really. It is as subtle as ends vs. finishes. I guess if you play Mortal Kombat you'd have a preference, but other than that, you can pretty much use either.

Oh wait! I know one:

  • "Terminei de sair do chuveiro" – I just finished the arduous procedure of exiting the shower. (words in italics may have been added for clarity)
  • "Acabei de sair do banho" – I just got out of the shower. I'm freshly bathed.

THERE is the subtle difference. But when translating a word that could be replaced with "ends", you can use either.

Extra bit for people who crave slang and informalities: When you break up a relationship, we usually say terminei com ela, or ele terminou comigo. Even "nós terminamos".
You can say "nosso relacionamento acabou/terminou", but "Ele acabou comigo" would mean either "He humiliated/embarrassed me" or "He exhausted me", which could yield all sorts of speculation unless you're very clear.


Terminar equates there terminate...

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