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"Scríobhann mo mháthair nóta mar théann mo dheartháir ar scoil."

Translation:My mother writes a note because my brother does not go to school.

September 27, 2015



"Pól could not come to school today because he is busy being the President of Ireland.

~Pól's mother"


Yes, it's "ar scoil".


Why is it ar scoil? Wouldn’t that mean “on school”?

Or is this an idiomatic way to express this? Would you use the same phrasing for saying that he was going to work - ar obair?


ar is a preposition. More often than not, English uses the preoposition "on" where Irish uses the preposition ar, but that doesn't mean that ar means "on", it just means that ore often than not, English uses "on" where Irish uses ar. But sometimes English uses a different preposition when Irish uses ar (ar neamh, ar fheabhas, ar oscailt, ar maidin, etc).

I suppose if you consider English's use of "at" to be idiomatic in the phrase "at school", you could call the use of ar in ar scoil idiomatic too, but I'm not sure that that serves any purpose.

From the FGB entry for ar:
.... (Attendance) Ar scoil, ar an aonach, ar an Aifreann, at school, at the fair, at Mass. .... (Activity) Ar an obair seo, at this work. Ar a urnaí, at his prayers. Ar mo dhícheall, doing my best. Ar an ord, working with the sledge-hammer. Ar na scadáin, fishing for herring. Ar a bainne, ar a bleán, (of cow) giving milk, being milked.


I said" is not going to school" is that said another way? Also is Pól stuck in the fridge and can' t go?


níl sé ag dul ar scoil - "he is not going to school"


Is 'téigh ar scoil' the normal expression for going to school? Could you say 'téigh go scoil'?

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