"Вона любить ковбасу і не любить майонез."

Translation:She likes sausage and does not like mayonnaise.

September 27, 2015



Why don't we use a instead of i in this sentence?

September 27, 2015


Wow, that's an amazing question.

I'd say because in this case we are not concentrating on the statements being opposite.

If I say it like this: "Вона любить ковбасу і не любить майонез" I will definitely say i. I am making a stress on the actual facts and on the food

I can also say: "Вона любить ковбасу, а не любить майонез". In this case I will say а because I don't mind that much about delivering information, my focus is on the like-dislike part. Maybe prior someone said it wrong, the other way around, that she likes mayonnaise, and I am disagreeing and emphasizing the correct fact.

But this is my native speaker guess :D I'll think more about it... Wow, really, cool question.

September 28, 2015


Is this an euphenism for you know what?

June 30, 2018


Someone in the community said that in Ukrainian ковбаса cannot be used as an euphemism for a specific organ. I don't know if that is correct, to English speakers it does sound very interesting, you're right!

October 12, 2018
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