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  5. "I am trying to work."

"I am trying to work."

Translation:Я намагаюся працювати.

September 27, 2015



Why not роботи instead of працювати?


Why not спробую?


спробую is future

You can say "я пробую працювати" but it has a different meaning: "I am trying out how working is like", not "I am making efforts to work"


Why not: "я намагаються працювати"?


намагаються is second person plural.


Робити isn't accepted... Fair enough i suppose, but wd "я намагаюся робити" fit in the case of "don't bother me, I'm trying to work?" (That was the context I thought of first)? Does "я намагаюся працювати" have more connotation like the little blue engine that could barely make it up the hill? Actually, typing the words extra times in this коментар is to help me remember the spelling...


Робити means "to do/make", not "to work".

"Я намагаюся робити" is not a full sentence. It needs some sort of an object. It sounds like "I am trying to do" in English (to do what?). Could be e.g. "Я намагаюся робити це" or "Я намагаюся робити домашню роботу" (I'm trying to do homework).

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