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  5. "The house is like mine."

"The house is like mine."

Translation:Huset er likt mitt.

September 27, 2015



Why is huset er som mitt not right?


Huset er som mitt will contain both the meanings of ownership and likeness. I think your answer should be accepted as correct, translating som into like.


It's now accepted.


We would perhaps rather say "Huset er likedan som mitt" to stress the similarity.


The answer "Huset er likne mitt" was not accepted. However, one of the suggestions was "Huset er ligne mitt". I thought likne and ligne were the same word just different spellings.

  1. Huset er som mitt.
  2. Huset er likt mitt.
  3. Huset ligner mitt.
  4. Huset ligner på mitt.
  5. Huset er likt mitt.

And I just added "Huset likner (på) mitt" as well. Huset er ligne/likne mitt is not correct.


Grydolva, thank you for the explanation.
I realized after I posed the question that the suggested translation for "is like" to which I referred was not "ligne" but "ligner". Thank you also for including the alternative spelling.

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