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  5. "The bathroom lamp is green."

"The bathroom lamp is green."

Translation:A lâmpada do banheiro é verde.

January 4, 2013


[deactivated user]

    They need to get this lighting stuff figured out.


    To repeat Larrytravi question, why not "Lustre"?


    Same question another year later, why not lustre?


    Lustre is used more like chandelier.


    why is this not accepted: 'A luz da casa-de-banho é verde'

    I can concede you just the 'lamp' (in Portugal it is common to say light instead of lamp)


    Saying "luz" instead of lâmpada should be accepted, just like in Portugal in Brazil it is common to say light instead of lamp. But in brazilian portuguese we don't use the expression "casa-de-banho".


    Uma "casa de banho" faz-me pensar que é uma piscina!


    In BR-PT we dont say casa-de-banho


    this is brazilian portuguese


    doesn't luminaria work?


    I think that in English "luminary" represents a luminous heavenly body, as the sun. This might be the reason why "luminaria" is not accepted. It would be accepted in French because "un luminaire est tout appareil d'éclairage servant à répartir, filtrer ou transformer la lumière des lampes."= any apparatus of illumination serving for dividing, for filtering or transforming the light of lamps. On this page you also have "o abajur". In French, the spelling is "Un abat-jour" The first word is from the verb to kill - knock down - slaughter (abattre); it is the piece that goes over the lamp-bulb to soften the light; (the word 'jour' in abat-jour means the day light). 2015-05-06


    In Brazilian Portuguese there is "luminária" which is mostly used for table lamps (sometimes you can hear "luminária de mesa"). We have the word "luminar" for the sun and the moon (most of time used in the plural form "luminares", often in a kind of poetic context). Also, you can use "luminar" to refer to someone that is acknowledged in some kind of science or art. For example: "Einstein era um luminar da física".


    In the US, it's become near-unthinkable to have a lamp (a movable, plugged in light), as opposed to a built in light source-- a "light fixture" or "lighting fixture"--in a bathroom. Electrocution hazard.


    why not ' A lampada do toalete e verde'? We just learned that word as another word for restroom, bathroom, toilet.


    Bathroom = banheiro / restroom = banheiro, toalete, wc


    Is it a big mistake to say "de bahneiro" instead of "do banheiro" in everyday speech?


    It is wrong, because it is specific: the bathroom (o banheiro)


    of the = de + o(s) => do(s) (masc.) / de + a(s) => da(s) (fem.). You need the "artigo definido" here because you are talking about a specific bathroom.


    Obrigado. Can you please give me a link how to use de, do, da.


    Why is abajur not accepted for a translation of lamp!?


    My dictionary says "abajur" is a table lamp (or a lampshade). If the sentence was talking about anywhere but a bathroom it would be fine. Nobody sane would keep a table lamp in the bathroom though :-)


    Yeah. Abajur = lampshade


    That's interesting. My dictionary says abajur can mean both table lamp and lampshade. (http://dictionary.reverso.net/portuguese-english/abajur). Elsewhere I found another term for table lamp is "abajur de mesa": http://www.elo7.com.br/abajur-de-mesa/dp/367BAF.


    That's because (in my case) ive never heard someone using "abajur de mesa", just abajur to mean table lamp. The Portuguese dicitionary mentioned the part of the abajur that is used to cover the light bulb, that is, what really the word abajur means. Then, you can use that on the table, night table, or anywhere else ;)


    Seriously. I say "luz" all the time and everybody knows I'm talking about "lâmpada" :/


    it is dangerous to have a lamp in the bathroom


    It is dangerous to have a bathroom. There might be 'aranhas' in it...


    Isn't "banho" acceptable for "bathroom"?


    banho is not a run, but an action, "shower".


    If lustre is wrong, it shouldn't be suggested as the answer when you tap on the word.

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