"Vi estas vere aĉa!"

Translation:You are really awful!

September 27, 2015

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Shrekt into pepperonis.


I dont think "you are really awful" should be a correct translation because in English "really" has two definitions: "to great extent" or "truly," and the Esperanto word "vere" only translates to "truly" and not "to great extent."

Accurate translations:

You are really awful - Vi estas ege acxa

You really are awful, aren't you? - Vi vere estas acxa, cxu ne?

You are truly awful - vi estas vere acxa

I think using "vere" to mean "ege" is just a colloquialism carried over from English.


Plus, "You are truly awful" is a better insult.


Well, I think "truly" kind of has the same problem that "really" has, in English. And anyway, shouldn't it be alright (at least in the context of Duolingo) so long as one of the interpretations in the English translation is the intended interpretation in the source Esperanto?

That said, it's worth pointing this out to clarify how the word is used differently between the languages, or rather, how "vere" and "really" are not perfectly equivalent.


Kio pri la vorto ''efektive''?


...Mister Grinch.


I can swear the speech says TI estas. :/ Is it just me?


I agree, it does sound a bit like that. But thankfully that's not a word in itself, so at least you know it would have to be something else, even if it could of course be mi or li or ŝi or whatever.


I agree: you sound report it, so we can at least turn off the audio.


Thanks Duo. I thoght we were just becoming friends


Truly awful or really awful, as a native english speaker i really, truly do not see the different result from using either term. It seems like Richie's jacket, white, off white, cream, beige and bone.


Go home, Duo. You're drunk.


I translated this as "You are truly wicked" and it was not accepted. Would that be an acceptable translation?


Is there any difference between if you put vere before estas or after? Because in both instances they should mean truly, and not very as in tre? Or is there a difference?


You tell me:

  • "Vi estas vere aĉa!"
  • Translation:You are truly awful!


  • "Vi vere estas aĉa!"
  • Translation:You truly are awful!
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