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What are the differences between using Duolingo on the website versus using it through the app?

I have begun using Duolingo with my ELL students, but I have been using it through the website. One problem I've noticed is that on iPads they can't use the microphone feature. Does the microphone feature work in the app on an iPad? What other differences are there? If I download the app, can multiple students use it on the same iPad? (They don't have their own iPads.)

September 27, 2015



The app has way less including things at the lingot store, varied xp, immersions, discussions, word progress, and more. I however, like the app because it is easier to type and can be held. The app has a microphone, so I'd recommend it.


I'm having an issue that with students who use the app, their XP does not show up on my dashboard. Extremely frustrating when it's a weekly graded assignment.


This should not be happening. Are they using it in offline mode, and do they have the latest version of the app?


Hi, I checked in with a few of my students to get additional information. Here's what I found out: This is an issue on both the website and the app (users on cell phone, tablet and laptop). One user could not update due to the version of the device. At least one other user had the most up-to-date version of the app on his device. None of the app users have been using it in offline mode.


It seems like all teachers are having that problem. Where are you looking for their xp because it shows up on my students.


The XP shows up for some of my students, but not all.


That is so weird. Do you have proof that they have been working and that they have any xp to show up?


Yes, they have shown me their devices with the progress.


I would check the email account info. I had students that forgot their passwords and created new accounts but didn't connect the new account to my classroom. .

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