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App progress not shown on teacher dashboard

I'm having student report to me that they are completing their agreed XP (which they have shown me on their phones or tablets as proof) but it does not show up on my dashboard. Is there a way to make sure this is taken care of? I check their Duolingo XP two days after it is due so that shouldn't be the issue. Thanks for offering classroom! I like it!

September 28, 2015



Hi! We will have to look into that, is this only happening to one student? Can you make sure he/she has the latest app update installed?


I made a classroom for myself and practice quite a bit in the app. My practice sessions are showing up and I use a "pre-coach" version of the app so it may not be a factor of the latest version being necessary. Hope this info helps with the problem solving


This has been happening with many students (up to 20% if they are being honest). I'll tell them to make sure to update and try to keep you posted! Thanks.

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