Can someone explain the tenses in Ukrainian to me? I know past, present, and future but the course introduced a new form which adds 'have/has' to the tense (I they're called aspects) and it's confusing me. Example: зробили

September 28, 2015


It is like a verb "did" or construction "have done" in english. But the mean can depend from the context.

I'm not an expert, but I tell you what I know abour Aspect based mostly on Polish and a bit on Ukrainian. There are "done" and "undone" verbs. зробили - "done" I don't know how the "undone" one looks, but it's something like "робили". There's not "have/has" like in English with Present Perfect. "Done" verbs are about done things, that already started and ended. "Undone" verbs are about undone things, that already tarted, but didn't ended or we don't know that they ended or not. I hope it works in Ukrainian too, because I'm a beginner here. But generally Aspect is about "done"/"undone" ;)

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