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i'm looking for easy norwegian books. I really like to read, and i'm going back to work and uni next week, so i'll spend a lot of time in bus. I need to find some easy written books in norwegian, but is should be pretty popular because i prefer to buy paper books not e-books, and it can be kidna hard to get in my country (Poland).

tusen takk <3

September 28, 2015


Not a book, but features easy-to-read norwegian.

I suggest The Mystery of Nils. It's part novel, part text book, so it should really help you on your language learning as it does get progressively more difficult as you read. It's a two-part series with the first book being bilingual (at least as far as explanations and notes go -- text of the story isn't translated) and the second book completely in Norwegian.

The website for the book has PDF sample of both books as well as links to where you can purchase it all over the world.

I got these books based on your recommendation and really liking them so far. I have never been taught any grammar even when doing English at school and this has made learning a foreign language difficult for me so far. But this book has filled in that gap really well. Thanks for posting about it.

Jeg har en norsk bok for å lære seg norsk. Den er ganske gammel, farmoren min ga den til meg. Hun brukte den mange år siden på høyskolen. Jeg vet ikke om den er tilgjengelig lenger... Vær så snill å korrige norsket mitt!

Cześć! I have "Short Stories in Norwegian" by Olly Richards in print and as an audiobook. Having both allows you to listen to the author reading as you read the book yourself. I like to pause after each sentence and repeat the sentence aloud for practice. Each chapter also contains a glossary of words. It's made for beginners. I know many of the words and I'm only on Castle 5 in Duolingo. I look up the words I don't know.

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