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  5. "Die Namen sind normal."

"Die Namen sind normal."

Translation:The names are normal.

November 6, 2013



Who would say the names are normal?!


lots of north americans do when a celebrity actually names their kid a normal name, which is a rare occurrence. Too many celebrities name their kids Apple, Moonunit, North, Wyatt (for a girl), Pilot Inspektor, Coco etc! Too many to name

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But I wouldn't say "normal" but traditional.


...or ordinary/common surely?


North's not that weird, but wow, Apple?!


Actually, in the vast majority of world countries - including Germany - you simply cannot name a newborn child as easily or creatively as in North America. There usually are regulated lists of names at Birth Registries to which a chosen name is cross-checked. If it's not listed (eg. an unusual foreign or created name), it is either rejected by the authority (in very conservative countries) or you will have to request a Permission or Court Expertise to allow the "new" name to be accepted. This implies submitting official evidence that the name already exists and is in use (eg. in a different culture or language), that it has a clear etymology and carries no offensive meaning, and that it is appropriate for the sex of your child.

Supposing you are registering twins and want to give them names from a non-local ethnological root, you may be told by the Registrar (to your absolute relief, I would be sure) that the names are normal, ie. they are already listed :)


an american would not say a russian name is normal, but perhaps an elglish name?


If a security guard detains someone at an American airport.


maby at a border check


I translated to english "The names are ordinary" and got marked as wrong, even when "ordinary" appears as an alternative translation of the german "normal". I thought it would be a better fit in this case.


normal means up to standard, ordinary gives a vive that it is just below standard. Ordinary becomes negative in sense. So, Duo thinks why promoting negativity! (It's just like my pinion, man.)

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How about The names are traditional?


I think this has to with the fact that many countries have conditions to naming children. In Iceland there is no letter C so you can't be named Christian


Please could somebody inform me why 'Name' has taken -n as the plural ending? I thought it would take Er- as I am under the impression here it is Nominative Masculine. Is this an exception to this rule or have I missed something? Thanks in advance for any assistance.


There is no such rule. Plurals in German don't necessarily make sense. They may, but there is no definite rule.

Das Auge, die Augen ; der Junge, die Jungen...


Words ending in -e often do take -n in the plural. Most of them are feminine though. This is one of those exceptions to the general rule.


why does he sound so depressed when you make him say namen?


But this sentence isn't


Would "The names are not normal" be " Die Namen sind nicht normal"? or "Die Namen sind normal nicht"?


Die Namen sind nicht normal.


Why is there a little symbol for female as one of my choices? Or is it just my phone glitching? Do you guys see it too?


When I hover over "Namen" some unknown person that I've never heard before on duolingo says it, has this happened to anyone else?


What is wrong with "The names are typical"? No one (despite some silly arguments below) would say names are "normal."

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I could see saying Die Namen sind typisch, but who says normal? It is a waste of time when the exercise could be used to learn a useful sentence.

I rarely complain about Duo, but this is my pet peeve. Give us useful sentences, please?


normal is a German word.


Me about to name my children minecraft and anime


Can someone explain why sometimes the word "namen" is used in a circumstance where it is not plural?


Masculine nouns ending with -e append -n in accusative. This is explained in the lesson's notes, or tips. I didn't know about them as well until they made a quite prominent button for them in the app.


I have an issue with this one - it played three times, and "Die" clearly isn't spoken - all I hear is "Namen sind normal", which I faithfully typed only to have it say it should've been "Die Namen sind normal".

Anybody else getting this or is it just me?


I gave the right answer but it said I was wrong.


Is the 'namen' true here? Why is 'n' necessary?


Many nouns in German add a final -n when plural.


I put names and it said indentifiers? Wtf?


Somebody have a reason for this? I'd like to know why.


Said an american immigration officer upon not encountering Muslim names.


that's what she said


Lots of learning sentences in this app don't make sense in German either...


Lots of learning sentences in this app dont make sense in English.

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