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  5. "Кіт п'є молоко."

"Кіт п'є молоко."

Translation:The cat drinks milk.

September 28, 2015



"cat drinks milk" should be an accepted answer, I'm not learning english, it's annoying that I have to write "a" or "the" every time in a simple sentence like this. who says "a cat" or "the cat drinks" milk when they're not explicitly trying to point to a particular cat? without context, the sentence means literally "cat drinks milk", it doesn't contain information whether it's just "a cat" or "this cat" or "the cat", it changes based on context.


It's not accepted because it's grammatically incorrect.

Precisely because of the lack of context either "a" or "the" are valid and accepted, since Ukrainian does not have the concept of articles unlike English.


Is кіт a kitten? I am pretty sure Кішка is a translation of cat too


Кішка and кіт --> cat

kitten --> кошеня, кошенятко (neuter)


I think your word "kishka" is actually a Polish sausage.


Haha, jeez, yes, i didn't notice it!

кíшка = female cat

кишкá = intestine


Fixed it! I don't think I had the right keyboard at that moment or I was to lazy to change it. :D Кишка also is a Russian word for intestines. 0.0


kit = male cat, kiška = female cat


Cat drinks milk should be accepted since there is no це...


In Ukrainian there are no articles, but in English you need to use either "a" or "the". Both are accepted since the Ukrainian sentence is ambiguous due to not having articles.

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