"Du må forsøke igjen!"

Translation:You have to try again!

September 28, 2015

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What is the difference between å forsøke and å prøve?


They're mostly interchangeable. But with some exceptions. If you want to test someone, or a thing (for instance clothing), then you use the words "prøve" or "teste" but not "forsøke". "Forsøke" will be used for making an attempt.


I'd say that they are interchangeable, as verbs. But as nouns they differ.


Where is the "yet" in "Du må forsøke igjen"?


"Yet again" suggest you have to try more than just once more. Igjen is just like again, it could mean once more or several more, but we don't really have a short equivalent of "yet again" in Norwegian. But it's still a valid translation. If I would have to translate "you have to try yet again" it would come back to du må prøve enda en gang.


Why is 'you must try again' not acceptable?

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