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"My father does not use a cellphone."

Translation:Benim babam cep telefonu kullanmaz.

September 28, 2015



Why not use "kulanmıyor" instead of "kullanmaz"? This is a pattern I keep seeing throughout the lessons and it does not reflect the way people speak in real life.


This course doesn't teach spoken Turkish, it teaches standard written Turkish :) If you used kullanmıyor is would literally mean "My father is not using a cellphone." We have made it aware as much as we can that this may not reflect what you hear in spoken Turkish.


What is the -z doing at the end of kullanma? Why isn't it "kullan -ma"?


It's the aorist negative ending for the third person singular (o) - like the -r in "ye-r" for positive aorist for that person.

Kullanma! would just be the bare stem, which would give you an imperative: "Don't use!".


Thank you, I overlooked this grammar lesson :)


If 'cep telefonu' is the substantive case, wouldn't you have to add a '-yu' at the end?

'Babam cep telefonuyu kullanmaz.' (?)


No, for two reasons:

a) "a cellphone" is not definite, and the accusative case is only used for definite direct objects (e.g. "the phone" or "my phone" or "that phone", but not "a phone")

b) the -u on telefonu is a possessive ending, and the accusative case on a possessed noun uses the buffer consonant -n- and not -y-, so "the cellphone" as an object would be cep telefonunu.


"My father does not use a cellphone." Translation: Benim babam cep telefonu kullanmaz.


Babam cep telefonu kullanmaz.

Correct other Turkish answer accepted by Duo.


what does "cep" mean ??


what does "cep" mean ?

cep means "pocket".

So cep telefonu literally means "pocket telephone".

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