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"You write."


January 4, 2013



I understand why "voi scrivete" should also be accepted, but before when I had a similar sentence is marked me wrong for also choosing the voi option. Just looking for consistency.


Voi is actually you guys, plural form. Yup from the beginning duolingo doesnt differentiate between you singular and plural


same thing happened to me


Why does Duolingo say, lei scrive is also correct?


I got "lei scrive" as one of three possible answers in a "check all that apply" question. It was the only one with a conjugated form of "to write", but it didn't contain a "you". I was marked right for choosing only it. I guess the owl has been having too many late nights. I couldn't checkmark "the sentence in italian is unnatural or has an error" because the only option I was given to report was "the sentence in english is unnatural or has an error". I hope the owl chugs some espresso and takes another look at this.


'You' can be translated in three different ways in Italian:
1 - tu. Second person singular as in 'you, John, write a letter'. 2 - voi. Second person plural as in 'you, guys, write a letter'.
3 - Lei. Third person feminine singular. That's a courtesy pronoun as in 'you, Sir, write a letter'.

There is no easy way to distinguish them in English but it's paramount to get the right one in Italian.

So, the alternative scrive for 'you write' given by Duolingo is actually the third option, ie the courtesy form.


Thank you! Should "lei" be used for any adult you have just met, like the way "usted" is used in Spanish, until/unless they invite you to use the informal "tu"?


I wrote that, to test, ' Lei scrive'. I expect to be mostly using the formal.


nonsense it says you write thats tu scrivi. you all write would be voi scrivete. two completely different things


"You write" could be either plural or singular. In italian it would be "Tu scrivi" for singular and "Voi scrivete" for plural.


Hello guys.. Dont be worry. We have 3《 you》 in italy language 1.(tu):means singular but it is informal...you can say it to your friends or peopels so close to you.

2.(Lei):it has 2 means:1.third feminine person. 2.(you) as formal.you can say it to sir Lady or boss or peoples that they're not close to you

3.(voi):you plural

Thats all.

If you have another question this is my gmail amir.izadi1414@gmail.com

[deactivated user]

    Scrive and scrivi, what the difference?


    That's what I want to know. I try to answer before looking at the tabs at the bottom. My internal response was "scrivi" but only scrive and scrivete was available and these conjugations confuse me. It specifically says "you write" not "you all write" so scrivete makes no sense to me. And again why not scrivi? HALP!!!


    The option given for this one is "scrive" and it says it is correct. I thought it was "scrivi" or "scrivete". I'm a little confused.


    Especially as in other exercises I have used the formal "You/Lei" and was marked incorrect for it. Yet another inconsistency.


    Mines says "Scrivete" is the write translation for "You write". Exactly like that without the the pronoun. Why did they exclude the pronoun?


    I don't get why voi scrivete is also right.


    Because 'you all' 'voi' is when you are talking to a group of people- so instead of saying 'Tu scrivi' to address all of them- one would say 'voi scrivete' 'you all'... make sense?


    yes :) thanks! I get it now!


    why not SCRIVI ???


    Wtf, how shoul I know that this is the plural?


    Shouldn't this be "You all write", or "Scrivi"?


    Duolingo sometimes mangia di merda


    ,,You write" can be ,,Voi scrivete" but also ,,Tu scrive". Why duolingo didnt accept ,,Tu scrive" to me?


    I thought it was plural for you all write


    I don't think it should accept "scrive" in place of "scrivete" if they are different choices. Are they both technically correct or is Duolingo trying to be nice?

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