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  5. "Ich bin Student."

"Ich bin Student."

Translation:I am a college student.

January 4, 2013



I would say that the correct translation of "Student" is university student. Germany has this concept of studieren that is connected to university.


This is true. Only university students are students. At lower education levels, the only correct term is "der Schüler"


There is also 'Gymnasiast', meaning someone who attends a 'Gymnasium' (In German, 'Gymnasium' is a university preparatory school, not related to the English word 'gymnasium.')


NOW I understand why my German friend said she went to a gymnasium. I was like, you took gymnastics??


What Katherle said. In addition, it's also possible in German to say 'Ich bin ein Student'


Because sentences such as "I am student" or "I am teacher" are ungrammatical in English - an article is missing. By contrast, German normally doesn't use articles when talking about occupations.

PS: I've just seen that your native language seems to be Farsi. Using the articles correctly can be tricky, especially if they don't exist in your native language. So you should be extra careful as to how they are used. :)

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In German, is it becoming (or has it become) acceptable for a female to refer to herself as "Student", or is it still only correct for a woman to say, "Ich bin Studentin"?


If you want to avoid the gendered expression, a simple solution is to say "Ich studiere." In official documents (but only there) the preferred term is the gender-neutral "der/die Studierende". If you want to use the words "Student/Studentin" it sounds awkward if a female student says "Ich bin Student".


So If you say student in German it only means college student?


why "I am university student" refused? if it is wrong, what will be the difference between "Ich bin Student" and "Ich bin ein Student"???


In German they mean the same thing, in English only one of them (I am a university student) is correct.


In English, you need an article in this sentence: "I am a student" or "I am a university student". See also the posts above.


How will you say 'I am studying'


Stupid question: is university the same as college in Germany? If so then does Student mean both university student and college student. If not then whats college student? Is there college in Germany or is it all university? Danke


Generally, there are no colleges in Germany. The system is different. Students go to "Universitäten" (universities) or to "Fachhochschulen" (universities of applied sciences). But yes, you would use the German word "Student" when talking about e.g. American college or university students.


Why is "I am a student at the University" wrong?

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