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"They live in the city, but I live in the village."

Translation:Вони живуть в місті, а я живу в селі.

September 29, 2015



Would it be possible to use але for "but"?


Yeah, it adds some extra connotation but it is a valid translation.


Translate this text: They live in the city, but I live in the village. Я переклав як: "Вони мешкають в місті, але я живу в селі." - система зарахувала помилку. хех!


I think "але" here sounds really weird, the weirder the more I repeat it :D It should be "а" in this sentence. "Але" doesn't make a lot of sense contextwise.


I had it all correct except i used 'і' instead of 'а'. Is there really that big of a difference? Is it just because it's a comparison? In everyday speech, you could use 'і' here for 'and', right?


No, sorry, you can't use "i" here. I just said it with "i" couple of times and it sounds wrong and weird. It's not about comparison, "a" really means "and" and nothing more, not "but" or something. It is "and" for connecting statements only (not nouns out verbs or adjectives) that is used when the statements are different... Somehow, English has only I one "and" while we have two :) same as, say, Spanish has two verbs "to be" and for them they are utterly different and not interchangeable...

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