I don't get this. I mean can anyone help me. im confused what are B2 and C1 and stuff like that. can any experienced duolingo doers tell me stuff like that? because the help button in duolingo doesn't really help much.

September 29, 2015


Check this out:

If this is what you are talking about, it's simply a way of grading language ability. I don't live in Europe, so I don't know too much about it, but I would assume some opportunities--education, employment--would depend on such certifications.

AH so that's why everyones wanting a c1 or b2 thanks.

Common European Framework of References for Languages

This is the standard in Europe (and around the world) for language skills.

  • A1 - Beginner; around 500 words with 75 hours of learning

  • A2 - Advanced Beginner; 1000 - 1500 words with 225 hours of learning

  • B1 - Intermediate; 2000 words with 300 hours of learning

  • B2 - Advanced Intermediate; 2500 words with 400 hours of learning

  • C1 - Proficient; Can talk freely and fluently, however might make a few mistakes or not know words

  • C2 - Mastery

Don't think of aiming for C2 right away. Aim for A2, then B1, and so on.

Good luck on your German learning adventure!


Source The Objective of the Common European Framework

thanks!!!! but where do u see those grades?

Just added the source in :)

Oops I read that wrong. You just have to guess. You can see how many Duolingo words you've learned in the "Words" section

oh okay then thanks!! Tschüss!

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