"Ben yemek yapabilirim."

Translation:I can cook.

September 29, 2015

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I would translate "I can cook" with "pi┼čirebilirim", not "yemek yapabilirim"


I can make a meal - was wrong so how would you say that please?


Using Google Translate service, "I can make a meal" translates from English to Turkish as "Bir yemek yapabilirim." Using that Turkish phrase to get the corresponding English translation results in the expression "I can make a meal." Perhaps Duolingo is limited in the number of varying translations it considers "acceptable" responses, so it indicated a wrong answer for you. However (in my opinion) I believe your translation would be a valid interpretation in the conversational world. Context would influence interpretation. If there is a moderator who reads this thread, perhaps they would be so kind to comment.


In English (at least in my dialect) it would also be ok to say "I can make food"


Why is " i can make food" not accepted ? it is a good English sentence. i was going to write" prepare" but knowing how finicky duolingo can be, i decide to use the exact translation for yapmak. The sentence in English is valid and correct, and it is used although not often


I can prepare food is accepted


Where is 'some' in this sentence?


A lot of the time, you have to option of using "some" before uncountable nouns without it changing meaning too much :)


Why is.... I can make food... wrong?


For me it is the direkt translation


So why it is considered to be the wrong translation without some


It isn't incorrect with "some." Did you try it? :)

We also accept everything with "make." Did you try that as well?


yes, but I don't see any "some" in this sentence, so I don't know why this question. "I can cook" was the correct answer. There is no "some" in it. Perhaps "I can cook/make some food"????

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