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Is there a way for me to track the number of minutes my students have spent on duolingo?

September 29, 2015



Do you mean each student or the class as a whole? Which one would be most useful to you?


For me, it would be great to see how many minutes each student was actively working. I'm just looking for a way to fairly and easily assess how much real work they are doing.


I need to see the number of minutes each student worked by the date the work was done.


Yesterday, One of my students reports that he worked for 30 minutes on Duolingo and yet earned no XP and his account shows no activity for yesterday. Is this possible? Also, can you provide an estimate of any kind for converting XP to minutes?


Hi! Can you tell us what type of work? For example, if they only did Immersion they will earn no points on the teacher dashboard, and if they refreshed the same skill over and over, they will earn very few points. If they worked offline they will need to connect to the internet before their points get added. Does this help solve the mystery? :]


He was refreshing old skills -- he claims he worked for 30 minutes on refreshing animals but didn't finish and he has no XP points for that day so it is hard for me to verify if he even used the program at all. Do you have any news on when we might be able to see a report of "minutes spent" on DuoLingo by date? I understand that this doesn't necessarily reflect comprehension, but it does give me some vital information.


Yes, I would also like to know how much time each student is devoting to practicing their language. Another thing I would like is to have the level displayed with the xp points. I know that I can find this by clicking on the student, then clicking on their individual screen showing their progress. That will take me to their levels in different languages. Would there be a way to include this on the class page? By the way, Duolingo is fantastic not only for my students but also for me! I really enjoyed the Duolingo Educator Gathering in NYC on October 5!


I would also like to not need to click on each student individually to see dates they worked on duolingo (and it would be great to see how much time they spent, and not just the start time). Thanks

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