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  5. "Honey and tea"

"Honey and tea"

Translation:Мед і чай

September 29, 2015



When transliterating, isn't 'chai' also acceptable?


I don't know the official rules of Ukrainian transliteration, but "chai" woudl correspond to "чаі" which is not correct.


I tried using "мед і чай" yet it didn't work.


That's very strange. This is the sentence that I see displayed right now above this comment thread. Also I just copy-pasted "мед і чай" from your comment into a test box in the Incubator and it works.

So either it was a glitch, or maybe you accidentally got an English character there when you entered the sentence ("мед і чай" vs "мед i чай", can you see the microscopic difference? :D)

Try again and see, if it's still the same, it must be a bug D:


Why not "czaj" in polish transliteration?


The transliteration rules used by Duo are unknown, but it looks like it is BGN/PCGN. There is a converter for it.


Wow, I was trying in 10 min, until get it - chay!!!!!!!!!!!!

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