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"Man ikke snakke med nordmenn i heisen."

Translation:One must not speak with Norwegians in the elevator.

September 29, 2015



Note taken, my dear introverted Norwegian friends :-)


Is it that obvious we're introverted?


Bare trenger dere en øl



Fordi de er redd.


Never come to Brazil :D :D :D :D , people here love to talk to everybody , even with animals :D :D :D :D


Haha, I've heard it's basically a north-south thing, at least that's the way in Europe. The more to the north, the less we talk to strangers. On a side note: talking to animals is fine, I'm much more likely to talk to any random animal than any random person :-D


Not in england! In the south of england people people do not speak to people they dont already know in lifts, on buses or trains, in shop or the street. If somebody does talk to them they think its very strange. In the north of england everybody chats to everyone else wherever they are


også i Minnesota


menneskene i minnesota og midtvesten er ganske vennlige synes jeg! hver eneste gang jeg bruker heis snakker en fremmed med meg,, det er litt rart med likevel interessant!


Or on the bus. Or the train. Or the T-Bane. Or in the queue... Though it is hilarious when you forget and inadvertently force a conversation out of one. :D


I think I might feel really good in Norway for I am an introvert too


As someone used to strangers talking to you, how do Norwegians make friends?

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