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  5. "This book is not ending."

"This book is not ending."

Translation:Bu kitap bitmiyor.

September 29, 2015



Im really struggling with when to use the accusative case and when not to. When i think i have it i get it wrong the next time. Please can someone help? Why is this kitap and not kitabı? I'll be forever grateful!!


Subjects of tenses never take the accusative case. It is reserved only for the objects of verbs when they are specific. Some verbs (like sevmek) like to take the accusative almost always. Some time expressions also use the accusative.

There is sometimes some confusion in that the 3rd person possessive suffix and the accusative can look the same (on words that end in consonants). "kitabı" can mean "his/her/its book" or be "book" in the accusative case. However, like I said, subjects are never in the accusative case.

Simply put, subjects are always nominative, never accusative. Direct objects are sometimes accusative (when they are specific [i.e. I am reading the book "Kitabı okuyorum"] or after certain verbs). Direct objects are sometimes in the nominative case (when they are general [i.e. I am reading a book or I am reading books "Kitap okuyorum"]).

One more thing worth mentioning. If a noun with the 3rd person possessive suffix is a direct object, it is always specific and will always have the accusative on it. "Kitabını okuyorum" = I am reading his/her/its book. :)


The important bit in the last paragraph: if ... is a direct object.

So "Kitabı bitmiyor" would be "His book is not ending" with nominative despite being possessed/specific, since it's not the object!


Yep...amazing stuff, right :D The accusative and possessive suffixes are tricky sometimes.


Thank you so much! I had to look up objects and subjects because no one bothered to teach us this in school in the 90s, but I have and it's all fallen into place with your explanation. thank you!


Surely 'i read the book' is no more specific than 'this book is not ending' is specific


Surely 'i read the book' is no more specific than 'this book is not ending' is specific


But in "I read the book", "the book" is the object of the verb while in "This book is not ending", "this book" is the subject of the verb.


Can I say "This book is not over"?


"The Never-Ending Story"!

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