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Hi, all,

I've been taking a stroll through looking for decent articles which either don't have English equivalents or the English articles are significantly shorter. I recently found the article on Alcalá de Henares which is only a few sections in English, but approximately half the length of the Complete Works of Shakespeare in Castillian and thought it would be a great one to do as some of the new information could easily be fed back into Wikipedia and TBH if it's that long in Castillian then there is most likely something interesting in the article which makes me want to read it.

However, I keep getting "The document is too long" errors when adding articles like this, and the cut-off point seems to be quite short, so I was wondering if the developers could add an exception for Wikipedia to allow much longer articles to be posted or at least increase the cut-off point beyond where it is now, as translating long Wikipedia pages which don't exist in other languages is surely a noble goal for this platform, though not its primary purpose.

Your thoughts?

September 29, 2015


Maybe it says too long because most of the time an entire Immersion article never gets translated all the way. And for really long articles people feel less inspired to bother with translating something that long. Just a thought. But I also get that a lot when I'm trying to upload documents. :)

September 29, 2015

I've done the same thing you're doing with a few Spanish language articles on battles in South America that don't have an English equivalent on Wikipedia. The shortest one was finally completed, but the two much longer ones still have incomplete sections, even after I translated much of the second half of the article myself. I see two reasons they don't draw as much interest: Longer articles turn some people off because they'll never reach the end, and they keep dropping further down the article list as new articles are added, meaning that many others who might be somewhat interested never get to even see the article.

O.T. It wasn't as long as what you mentioned above, but thanks for submitting "El reino interior" for translation. It became my first attempt at translating a Spanish language poem, and was an interesting free form exercise.

October 2, 2015

You're welcome. :) Actually, someone else gave me the idea, and I went off in search of some more poems to add as the few that were on here were really enjoyable to translate and read. :)

And fair enough. It does seem a shame, though, that these longer, more interesting articles don't get finished when Michelle Obama's Spanish stub article got done in about 20 minutes. >.<

October 4, 2015

I'm with you. I've seen so many long documents here and this is boring to translate.

September 29, 2015
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