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"Ella tiene unos cuantos amigos."

Translation:She has some friends.

January 4, 2013


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Does it mean the same without "cuantos" ?


Nope. This sentence is really akward for a non-native. Even the translation given by DL is not so correct, "unos cuantos" means "a few" and "quite a few"; did I say you that was akward?

Then, how do you know when the talker is saying one thing or the opposite? By the intonation. When you want to say "quite a few", you do a more empathic intonation.


And in writing (where there isn't any intonation)?


Well, if you're reading a novel, or anything published, it'd likely be explained by the author. If it were just dialogue, it may be more tricky, but there's a good chance you could still figure it out from the context.


So, what's the difference between unos amigos & unos cuantos amigos


Is "She has a number of friends" inaccurate?


It's similar, but that would more likely be translated as "Ella tiene un número de amigos" or "Ella tiene varios amigos".


I'm not sure about the Spanish idioms, but in English "She has a number of friends" means that she has "some friends". She has enough to count, but nothing more definite about the quantity is intended.


I think "a number of ____" typically means that the quantity of whatever is being discussed is quite large, so I'm not sure "unos" would be the most precise translation. "Mucho" would probably be more appropriate.


Why is "several friends" wrong?


unos cuantos is repetition at best, and contradictory at worse -

unos a few / cuantos many


lol I put She has some amigos

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Don't get this one at all.


The best translation of "unos cuantos" is "a few" ("some" also works). Just like in English "a few", the emphasis here is that it not none.


Would "she has quite a few friends" not be correct? I really don't get it!


How does this compare to "pocos amigos"? In an earlier question, "pocos amigos" translated to "a few friends". So can "unos cuantos amigos" and "pocos amigos" both mean "a few friends"?


I'm guessing, but here's what I think: "unos cuantos amigos" would be in answer to the question, "Does she have ANY friends?" and "pocos amigos" would be the reply to "Does she have a lot of friends?" The emphasis is different, depending what you're comparing it to. Someone who's fluent--can you tell us if this is right?


so why was I supposed to have missed out' got'? I don't say 'I have got some friends' I say I have some friends'


Does "Ella tiene algunos amigos" mean the same thing?


"You can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time." Except if you are a politician. This "unos" tells me " more than one", ok, it's a few or some . "Cuantos" tells me " not counted, so there must be more than a few => "lots of" . But as I noted, it's a question of semantics, which is "dit-a-dat" depending on linguistic habits/idioms and such I've not yet familiar with in Spanish. Nor are all Spanish speakers either, I'm afraid...


she has a lot of friends


Can someone please give us the exact meaning of “ unos “ “cuantos” and “unos cuantos “ and their differences . Additionally which of the three indicates a greater number of amigos in this case .


I wrote "She has few friends" marked incorrect, DL said I needed to use the definite article "a" here. I'm not sure of how much different the "a" makes to the interpretation. I suppose in English this is where intonation can alter perception, If you are talking about someone and you say "she has few friends" it can, depending on inflection, mean that she was lonely or was unpopular or was a bit of a hermit. If you say "She has a few friends" then that could be seen as defending her against someone who was being negative about her. " She isn't very nice and nobody likes her", "She isn't as bad as people say, she has a few friends she just doesn't suffer fools"

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