"Ми не п'ємо чай на обід."

Translation:We do not drink tea for lunch.

September 29, 2015

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I am a native American English speaker. I agree with the above comments that "drinking tea for lunch" has the meaning the tea was my lunch. Saying "We do not drink tea at lunch," feels more natural, and means I might drink tea at other times, but not with my lunch.


How would you say, 'We don't drink tea at lunch' then? I read this like someone avoiding caffeine. The answer wanted 'for.'


"Ми не п’ємо чай після обіду"? (after lunch)

Yeah, I find the version with "for lunch" (it literally says so in the Ukrainian sentence too, not a mistake) quite entertaining :D


Hi, this is me 3 years after, and I am confused.

I had an impression that "at lunch" means "during lunch" e.g. "Talking at lunch", and "for lunch" means "the food you eat for lunch". Am I wrong? I'm not a native speaker. Couldn't find info about this exact thing... Asking native speakers in the comments :)

"Drinking tea for lunch" is definitely strange, sounds like tea is your lunch, the only thing you had for lunch is tea. And "чай на обід" sounds equally strange in Ukrainian :D

What would "drinking tea AT lunch" mean? Is it meaningful? What are the uses of "at"?


I'm not a native speaker either, but I believe "drinking tea AT lunch" is what I would say in order to imply that I don't drink tea together with my meal when I'm eating lunch. If you told me you had tea for lunch I'd have understood that you didn't eat anything.


I am a native speaker and you are exactly correct. I could not have explained it better myself.


This is ridiculous! As I indicated two weeks ago, "We do not drink tea for lunch." implies something quite different than the colloquially correct "We do not drink tea at lunch." All of these "at/for" answers should be edited by a native English speaker!


Why is 'we do not drink tea for luncheon' marked incorrect???? In English the full word for the meal in the middle of the day is luncheon. Lunch is an abbreviation of luncheon.


I am a native English speaker and I do not approve of "We do not drink tea for lunch". That is not colloquially correct English. Only "They do not drink tea at lunch" would be correct English.

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