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"Perché non abbiamo neanche una forchetta?"

Translation:Why don't we even have one fork?

September 29, 2015



My dad's favorite question at the sushi bar.


The DuoLingo translation "Why do not we even have one fork?" sounds a bit like Yoda talking. –– It should be "Why don't we even have a fork?"


I wrote "Why don't we have even one fork" and was marked wrong. Duolingo's answer is incorrect English. The answer I wrote is better, but then again, we are here to learn Italian, not English.


"Why, we don't even have a fork" should be accepted. English often changes word order for emphasis...


That means something very different.


Who says "Why don't we have EVEN a fork"? I think this makes more sense- "Why don"t we have even ONE fork".


so you just replaced "a" with "one"... it's the same thing, it just sounds better to you with "one"


I thought 'neanche' meant 'not also' or 'n/either'...?


There was a sentence Non puoi finché non mangi or something like that in the conjunction lesson. They use double negative. The sentence is actually translated word to word to

"Why don't we have (not) even one fork" -> "Why don't we (not) even have one fork"

which sounds absurd, therefore in the translation to English we flip the logic of the second part from not even to even.

Think of the sentence we don't have nothing -> this is also double negative, but it is not wrong logically, just that the logic rules say that if you use negative once, all other parts need to be changed as well.

By the way in Hebrew we also say we don't have nothing to mean that we have nothing, when with any other sentence we will never use double negative, so probably the unique logic of this sentence exists in many languages.


We don't we have either one fork ?


What is wrong with "Why have we not got even one fork"? Got TWO underlines!


Why is "Why we do not have a single fork?" wrong?


Pensavo che sempre che si diceva un numero si doveva usare il "ne". O é solo quando non si dice l'oggetto? Perché non ne abbiamo neanche una forchetta?


niante/neanche - what exactly is the difference? they sounded the same in this example


Then what does "nemmeno" mean??


nemmeno/neanche - can someone explain why they sometimes work as synonyms but other times (like this one) do not?


Just another unEnglish phrase. I think they should change the name to Triolingo.


Feed you I will with even one fork.


Why not a fork?

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