"I drink water."

Translation:Ich trinke Wasser.

January 4, 2013



The verb endings change depending on the person. There are some remnants of this in English - "I drink", but "he drinks" with an additional "s".

You take a verb like "trinken" (to drink) and get rid of the "-en": "trink-". Then you add the ending depending on which person you're talking about:

ich trink-e (I drink)

du trink-st (you [informal, singular] drink)

er/sie/es trink-t (he/she/it drinks)

wir trink-en (we drink)

ihr trink-t (you [informal plural] drink)

sie/Sie trink-en (they/you [formal singular + plural] drink)

January 4, 2013


Why I can't put das in the middle ?? Ich trinke das Wasser.

January 22, 2013


Because the English sentence doesn't use an article either:

Ich trinke Wasser. = I drink water.

Ich trinke das Wasser. = I drink the water.

January 22, 2013
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