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"Tiu malgranda besto estas kuniklo."

Translation:That small animal is a rabbit.

September 29, 2015



Seems like it should take "That little animal is a rabbit. ". I reported it.


Is there any difference between tiu and tio , please? tiu = that and I also noticed tio = that Tio estas malfacila frazo. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27799128 :That is a difficult sentence.


Tio always stands alone. Tio estas malfacila frazo = that is a difficult sentence.

Tiu is a determiner. Tiu frazo estas malfacila = that sentence is difficult.

When you find tiu alone, there's an implied "one". Tiu estas malfacila frazo = that one is a difficult sentence.


Hey Tomaso! Do you have a blog for demonstratives in Esperanto? If yes, pls post the link here


I'm sorry, no I don't.

Maybe that will be a project for my yet-to-be-forthcoming textbook.

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