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Where can I make suggestions?


I'm a middle school Spanish teacher and I love the concept of Duolingo. I've been using a different language learning tool to help kids learn vocabulary for over five years, but it is not really supported anymore, probably, in part, because of tools like Duolingo.

However, the only reason I can't completely go with Duolingo as a formal method as part of my curriculum is that, if I am not mistaken, I cannot create my own vocabulary sets, which I really need to be able to do. I would happily pay a small fee for the ability to be able to do so.

Where can we make suggestions? I'm sure I'm not the first, but I'm so eager for Duolingo to make this available. Has anyone talked about when/if this might be available?

Thanks so much!

September 30, 2015



Learning French right now... In your desktop app you have a Words section... It would be real helpful to not only list the meaning beside the word, a popup hint box would work too, and a play button to listen to how the word is pronounced... ALSO, if you do click on a word to learn more about it, a forward and back button set would be nice so that you could go through the list of words more quickly... kind of like using flash cards. One thing that I think this site lacks is a good study guide to learning phonetics. Something you could refer back to from time to time... Hope you are still watching this discussion... Thank you ;-)


Great suggestions. To add to that re the Words section, it would be great if the sort feature would persist beyond looking at one word. I sort by strength to get the "overdue" words to the top so I can review the words most in need of reviewing. I click on the first word, review it, then click back. Unfortunately the list reverts to 'Still Strong' at the top. If Duolingo implements the forward and back buttons, it would be most valuable if it moved forward and backward based on the sort order the user selected.


Can you please make the tree remember where the user left off? Because it's no fun scrolling down for miles all the time.

Both on the app (I'm on android), and the website.

Thank you!


Hi! This is the perfect place to make those suggestions, as we monitor it constantly for these ideas and requests. We are aware that teachers would like custom vocabulary features, and this is an exciting time for us all, because Duolingo for Schools is still in its early stages of development, so you can imagine the inspiration and ideas we get from teachers. We are working hard to bring as many features as we can, as quickly as possible, and hope you keep an eye in the forum, as we announce the latest tools and features of Duolingo for Schools. Thank you for sharing and keep it coming when you think of something new! :]


Vivisaurus, I'm glad you listen to this forum for suggestions.

I have one that should be easy to implement: Please put a link at the top of the duolingo lessons page that jumps to the next lesson. So many times for some reason, I finish a lesson and the page jumps to the top, then I have to scroll all the way down to find where I was, it gets monotonous sometimes. And that would even help when you first log in and you default to the top of the page.

thank you


I have another one that's more involved. One of the hardest things is when words go stale because they're in past lessons, I wish you had a vocabulary quiz option that would quiz you on all the words you've learned to date. That would be so helpful.

I know there are the duolingo stories, and that's great and similar to a vocab quiz, but they're fixed stories, fun the first time but then predictable. I'm thinking more of a random quiz that's different every time.


One more, similar to the vocab quiz. I wish you could create quizzes, or refreshers, that are built on randomly selected sentences from ALL lessons to date. Instead I have to go through every single lesson and do a practice but the questions are limited to that lesson, I feel it would be more challenging to have a comprehensive practice on all questions to date.


It would be great if words page has a popup that shows meaning and pronunciation where applicable... eg. i'm learning chinese, and i forget how the character is pronounced and the pinyin is not available on the explanation page


Hi, I have a suggestion that I think would be useful, why not add a section called “Duolingo Jokes”, where learners can read or listen to jokes in their target language. I can imagine Duo standing on a stage with a mike as an emblem for this section. I think nothing helps with vocab retention like comedy and laughter.

For example, I remeber when I first started learning Russian on Duolingo, I encountered a ridiculous sentence, but even after seeing it once, I never forgot it again, it’s not exactly hilarious, but for some reason it makes me laugh, it goes : «Торт или смерть!», which translates to “Cake or death!”, I always imagine some funny situation when I hear it.

Thanks for considering the suggestions.


Suggestion: I would like to be able to clear a lesson without clearing the whole tree/language - I had started some lessons before additional lessons were added. Now when I do review work, it assumes I know some things about those lessons that are way down the tree.


I have two suggestions. First, it would be helpful to have a list of new vocabulary words to look over at the end of a session. The "words" tab isn't effective for that after one has learned 1000s of words, because every word used that day's lessons are listed at the top. Perhaps there would be a way that the program could identify new vocabulary and create a list to look over at the end of the session or over the next few days? That might help the vocabulary "stick" in one's memory.

The second would be aggregating a list of sentences that a user gets wrong more than once. When that happens, there is something about that particular sentence's vocabulary or construction that causes that student problems. Having a list of those sentences would be helpful to review to overcome whatever obstacles were contained in those sentences. Maybe if a student could "flag"a particular sentence so that it could be reviewed again later?

I do love Duolingo. Keep up the good work!


HI, I am not sure if this post is still followed for suggestions, but I would like to suggest a way for the German course (or any course for that matter where gender is used in a language) that when you hover over a word it shows you the gender of the word. Some words do that but not all of them. Thanks


hi, I´m not sure of the terminology to use but I would find a ´roll-back´ feature useful. What I imagine is an option available on a lesson icon to clear just that one unit in order to redo it.

In addition the facility to ´roll-back´ or clear a block eg with an option on the block number icon.

I am aware of and have used the facility to reset a whole tree and that´s great as far as it goes, it´s just I´m looking for a more fine grained reset in order to revise just the last block and or specific units.

all the best


A useful and incredibly topical suggestion: it would be nice to be able to buy an add on module (like the flirting one in some languages) about corona virus and restrictions. For words like face mask, hand sanitiser etc. It would be really useful for understanding restrictions and that has become such a part of everyday conversation


How do I close Duolingo when I have done sufficient lessons for the day?


Here is a GRAPHIC DESIGN suggestion for Duolingo - A great app could be improved if the color-coding of the circle-levels would also be visible on the screen nearby, for example as stripes or purple (level 0), then green (level 1) etc to give a linear-progress aspect visually to the skills as they are being achieved. You could have a thin stripe which changes color from purple to green to blue to red etc – a color sequence pattern which is always there to remind you of the hierarchy of the colors. To clarify: a strip of colors in sequence, not a changing graphic. I'm thinking of something small, simple, and cool. - Thanks.


HI, It would be great to have a Dutch course for German speakers. So many words are similar, it would be helpful to have German as the reference language instead of English.


Can you add stories after checkpoint 1 in korean too? It's available in french and it's really helpful. It would be great if I could have that in korean lessons too, it would help me improve a lot.

Thank you.

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