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stuck in second lesson in basics 2 - french

hello, I have taken the same lesson about four or five times now, and I never seem to get advanced to the next one or unlock it (I did pass though..). I don't know if it matters but my wifi went down the first time and the lesson seemed to kinda get blocked, the second, third, etc. time I tried though I was fully connected. Has someone had similar problems?

November 7, 2013



You might want to move this discussion to the Troubleshooting forum (use the Edit button) and/or send a support ticket to Duolingo using the Support tab on the side. I know that if you lose your connection in the middle of a lesson you'll have to start over, but I have no idea what's happening otherwise. Bonne chance! (Good luck)


that seems logical anomalocaris, thanks for your answer. hopefully there is a trick to it.


same. i can pass lesson on pc but cant pass on my android phone.


yeah, now it is in phrases as well, so now I can't get anywhere... I am using ios7 by the way on ipad mini if it matters. I tried in browser as well (on the same ipad) and it didn't help. hmm... I am very sorry as this training (and otherwise wonderful duolingo) is by now an important part of my daily routine!


i tried again today and suddenly everything is working? i am superhappy! well, now i am on better wifi, i don't know if this is the reason, but i mean the other one was working and all, just a bit slow. anyways, i hope it has changed for you guys as well!


Same on iphone 6 plus. I have been stuck on phrases for three days...

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