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"Artık eve seninle beraber gidiyorum."

Translation:From now on, I am going home with you.

September 30, 2015



Couldn't "Artık" mean "now" in this case?

That would be: Now, I am going home together with you.


I wonder this as well.

What part of this sentence changes the action from currently to currently but also in the future I am going home with you?

Is it an error or do I misunderstand something?


"Artık" means "Now" or "From now on". So I think both translations are possible.


Thanks for the explanation. My confusion came when I translated this sentence as, “Now I am going home with you.” and Duolingo counted my translation as incorrect and then corrected my translation to say “From now on . . .” instead. So in this instance I would have been correct I guess.


If you wanted to say now I am going you would use "şimdi"


Is "beraber" optional?


In this sentence, yes.


Teşekkürler, I had the same question!


Can somebody please explain the meaning of "beraber"?


Hi, even though I am not a native I think I can help. Beraber means "together". So if we were translating this sentence word by word it would actually be: "From now on, I am going home together with you." but the together is optional and does not change the meaning of the sentence (just like in turkish).


"Artık eve seninle beraber gidiyorum." Translation: From now on, I am going home with you.


Now, I am going home with you.

Duo accepted this as another correct English answer on the 11/12/2020


I am confused. Artık means 1. From now on, and 2. Anymore = information by Duolingo. So my translation was: I am not going home with you anymore, complete the opposite. It really confuses me.


It means "from now on" in an affirmative sentence, and "anymore" in a negative sentence. Artık eve seninle beraber gidmiyorum. = I am not going home with you anymore.

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