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Latin+Cyrillic keyboard switch for the [UK] course found!

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For anyone that couldn't find the little switch to change your Cyrillic keyboard to Latin, I've found out that if you type a Latin sentence phonetically correct for the Ukrainian alphabet, it'll work. I guess they took the switch away for some people. For Example: Mom and dad are there: Mama i tato tam. (Мама і тато там), OR Vy pratsyuyete de-nebud’? Ти працюєш де-небудь? (Do you work anywhere) I don't know how to screenshot on a Windows PC but if someone can do it and post a pic of them using Latin text for everyone to see that would be great. (P.S. I've noticed it's a bit clunky because I tried to use v for в/у and u was correct not v. They use y for и and й which is weird because j is usually й)

3 years ago