"A localidade"

Translation:The locality

January 4, 2013

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This sentence should be removed


How about location?


No, that would be "local / localização"


Tiago, I think we should be able to use "location" because that is our normal word. "locality" is possible, but not used in every-day English; at least not in the US. perhaps in in the UK. I think we should be focusing on normal language, not specific at this level of learning.


Bruce, as I mention, below, I think "locale".. like smaller than region but larger than location?


I agree - "locale" should be accepted. Unless DuoLingo really wants us to learn the word to familiarize us with the principles of Einsteinian physics: "Locality is a key axiom of Einstein's relativistic quantum field theory, where it is essential to causality that effects do not propagate faster than the speed of light. Einstein's quantum theory (currently termed the old quantum theory ) is said to be relativistic because it does not violate either his general or special theory of relativity: speed of light is a limiting factor." So there.....


Locality isn't used much in the UK either.


I agree - "the location" we say very commonly more than the locality or the place


Place is listed as one of the definitions yet is not accepted.


Who even says "locality" in English?


Agreed. "Locality" is rarely used in English.


I didn't even know it was a real word.


Real estate sales people like it for emphasizing the advantages of buying into that area.


I do! Handy in advanced maths.


Location is a much better translation than locality. I disagree with locality.


As others have said locality is not a commonly used word in English. I thought "locale" if this can refer to an establishment like a restaurant (am I right about that?)


Yes.. maybe some people having certain specific jobs would say "locality" like.. military personnel.. scientists..


I'm a scientist and I've never used the word locality


Why not The location.? Dictionaries like dict.cc translat it this way.


I am military and never use this word. We say in the area, the area of interest, location of interest, target area or area of operations..


Yeah, strange... My PT-BR/EN dictionary only says: localidade -> place; site

Looking for locality in the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary brought this up: http://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/definition/english/locality?q=locality

the area that surrounds the place you are in or are talking about (synonym: vicinity) - people living in the locality of the power station
- There is no airport in the locality.

the place where somebody/something exists
- We talk of the brain as the locality of thought.
- The birds are found in over 70 different localities.

Also interesting, but more for people who know French or Latin:
Word Origin
- early 17th cent.: from French localité or late Latin localitas, from localis ‘relating to a place’, from Latin locus ‘place’.


In Portuguese, "localidade" is usually a synonym of "local". E.g.: "Ela adorou o local / a localidade" ("She loved the location / neighborhood.").

As in English, "localidade" is not a very common word and it would sound strange to define a more specific location (as in the body, for instance). E.g.: "Este é o melhor local para minha tatuagem!" ("This is the best spot for my tattoo!".


I didn't reply to either post here simply because there are too many confusions already, however I find Kajo76's post as being the most accurate. I state that because I am Romanian and in this case I think there's a major misunderstanding regarding the Portuguese word "localidade", similar to the Romanian "localitate" (this generically describes any human settlement, such as but not limited to village, town, commune, city, municipality, either independently managed or dependent on a larger one, so with or without its own mayor), from Latin origin indeed, also similar to French, but nowhere near the English "location", that refers a specific site, i.e. pub, antenna tower, house address, archeological site, or anything else than an actual settlement, localidade.


Wouldn't 'venue' work as translation as well?


I don't think so. I would translate that as "local".


Why not "location"?


Please see my reply to hburdon.


Hi TiagoMoita_PT. Seems like duo accepts location because I just used it in an another sentence with localidade. So does it make location an actual translation for it or is a duo's bug? Thank you!


I would say bug. But I'm not a linguist, and this might be different in BP. But you can't go wrong with: location > local locality, locale > localidade


How about "the area"?


There is a cognate for this: "área"...


If location was queried years ago and supposedly correct why is it STILL being marked as incorrect. Too many correct answers being marked as incorrect.


Locality is not commonly used in American English. I would say location.

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