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Slow Finnish - Chapter 4d - Onko sinulla lemmikkejä?

Persoonapronominien partitiivi - The personal pronouns in the partitive

  • minua me
  • sinua you
  • häntä her, him
  • meitä us
  • teitä you
  • heitä them

Here are some type 1 verbs that appeared in Chapter 4a that need an object in the partitive. Remember that the stem is formed by dropping the last letter of the infinitive and adding the personal suffix. In the 3rd person singular the last letter of the stem is repeated. Do not forget the vowel harmony!

Rakastaa, to love.

  • (minä) rakastan I love
  • (sinä) rakastat you love
  • hän rakastaa he/she loves
  • (me) rakastamme we love
  • (te) rakastatte you love
  • he rakastavat they love

Etsiä, to look for, to search.

  • (minä) etsin I look for
  • (sinä) etsit you look for
  • hän etsii he/she looks for
  • (me) etsimme we look for
  • (te) etsitte you look for
  • he etsivät they loo for

Auttaa, to help. -tt-, -pp- and -kk- become -t-, -p- and -k-. In the 3rd person singular and plural, the stem remains unchanged.

  • (minä) autan I help
  • (sinä) autat you help
  • hän auttaa he/she helps
  • (me) autamme we help
  • (te) autatte you help
  • he auttavat they help

Odottaa, to wait. -tt-, -pp- and -kk- become -t-, -p- and -k-. In the 3rd person singular and plural, the stem remains unchanged.

  • (minä) odotan I wait
  • (sinä) odotat you wait
  • hän odottaa he/she waits
  • (me) odotamme we wait
  • (te) odotatte you wait
  • he odottavat they wait

Harjoitus 1

Taivuta. - Conjugate.

  • rakastaa
  • etsiä
  • auttaa
  • odottaa

Harjoitus 2

Käännä englanniksi. - Translate into English.

  • Odotamme hevosta.
  • Iloinen mies auttaa lehmää.
  • Surullinen nainen etsii sinua.
  • Rakastan sinua.
  • Odotatte häntä.
  • Autat meitä.
  • Mukavat tytöt etsivät teitä.
  • Nuoret pojat rakastavat heitä.
  • Hän odottaa minua.
  • Autatte vanhaa koiraa.
  • Etsimme sinua.
  • Onnellinen nainen rakastaa minua.
  • Pienet tytöt rakastavat kaunista kissaa.
  • Autan teitä.
  • Etsit lammasta.
  • Hän rakastaa heitä.

Harjoitus 3

Käännä suomeksi. - Translate into Finnish.

  • I love you (singular).
  • You (singular) are looking for a/the large pig.
  • We help a/the sad girl.
  • A/the nice boy is waiting for the old woman.
  • You (plural) love a/the cat.
  • The young girls are looking for a/the small dog.
  • I help him/her.
  • We are waiting for them.
  • They love me.
  • The beautiful women are looking for you (plural).
  • A/the handsome man helps us.
  • You (plural) are waiting for him/her.
  • The sad people love you (plural).
  • You (singular) are looking for us.
  • A/the old man is helping a/the young boy.
  • You (plural) are waiting for me.
  • We love you (singular).
  • They love you (plural).
  • A/the dog is waiting for a/the boy.
  • A/the horse is helping a/the man.
  • I am looking for them.

Let me know what you thought about the lesson. Should you have any questions or suggestions, please comment below. Here is a link to the previous lessons: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/10579104


September 30, 2015




Harjoitus 1

  • rakastaa rakastan, rakastat, hän rakastaa, rakastamme, rakastatte, he rakastavat
  • etsiä etsin, etsit, hän etsii, etsimme, etsitte, he etsivät
  • auttaa autan, autat, hän auttaa, autamme, autatte, he auttavat
  • odottaa odotan, odotat, hän odottaa, odotamme, odotatte, he odottavat

Harjoitus 2

  • We are waiting for a/the horse.
  • A/the happy man helps a/the cow.
  • A/the sad woman is looking for you.
  • I love you.
  • You are waiting for him/her.
  • You help us.
  • The nice girls are looking for you.
  • The young boys love them.
  • He/she is waiting for me.
  • You help a/the old dog.
  • We are looking for you.
  • A/the happy woman love me.
  • The small girls love a/the beautiful cat.
  • I help you.
  • You are looking for a/the sheep.
  • He/she loves them.

Harjoitus 3

  • Rakastan sinua.
  • Etsit suurta sikaa.
  • Autamme surullista tyttöä.
  • Mukava poika odottaa vanhaa naista.
  • Rakastatte kissaa.
  • Nuoret tytöt etsivät pientä koiraa.
  • Autan häntä.
  • Odotamme heitä.
  • He rakastavat minua.
  • Kauniit naiset etsivät teitä.
  • Komea mies auttaa meitä.
  • Odotatte häntä.
  • Surulliset ihmiset rakastavat teitä.
  • Etsit meitä.
  • Vanha mies auttaa nuorta poikaa.
  • Odotatte minua.
  • Rakastamme sinua.
  • He rakastavat teitä.
  • Koira odottaa poikaa.
  • Hevonen auttaa miestä.
  • Etsin heitä.


This didn't seem difficult, good. Thanks.

Harjoitus 3 - I think there is a wrong answer for this sentence:

  • The beautiful women are looking for you (plural).

The subject should be in plural too:

  • Kauniit naiset etsivät teitä.


Thank you. I will edit.


I can be a helper in teching finnish. Puhunhan minä suomea sentään


Thank you. I am working on a website and I am using Duolingo as an incubator. It would be great if you could help out with the incubating process. Best way to do that would be to comment on my lessons. Our "team" already includes chirelchirel and annika_a. scarcerer has also been of invaluable help. How well do you know Finnish grammar? :)


It saddens me to no end that Duo hasn't given you a Finnish course yet.


Or rather allowed Mari (and the rest of us) to give them one. :-)


Aw... Thank you, Hohenems! :)


I know it really well. I got number nine from mothertongue. there are over twenty forms for word launch.


Alright. Sounds good. :)


Where and how can I help you in finnish teaching?


Ha ha. No I do not use GT. :P Finnish is my passion. I know it quite well. Of course there is always room for improvements. :)


Right now the only way really is to make comments on my lessons. If you want to help more and make suggestions about the contents, you will need to go through all my lessons first to see what I have already discussed. That may be a bit of a task, since there are about 60 lessons! :)


Have you made lessons about countries in finnish?


I have. Nationalities, cities, languages and countries are among the first things I am teaching.


How well do you know finnish language? (I hope you do not use google translator)

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