"Har dere denne kjolen i størrelse førti?"

Translation:Do you have this dress in size forty?

September 30, 2015

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When you're in a shop and you want to ask if they sell/have something, is it most correct to use the plural you (dere)? Thx.


Unless it's a shop entirely run by a single person, "dere" feels more natural to me. However, there's nothing wrong with using "du" either.


Why isn't "Have you this dress..." an acceptable anser?


If I were to wager a guess, I'd say it's because it just sounds pretty old-fashioned =S Or possibly regional? I can't speak for the entire Anglophone though. "Do you have..." just sounds much more natural ^^


Why can't I use the numeral 40? I thought the rule was letters up to a dozen and then it's optional whether to use letters or numerals.


For listening exercises, we're unfortunately only able to accept exactly what was written in the source sentence. Using the numeral isn't wrong, it's just a technical limitation.


Please someone explain "Denne" and "Dette". I swear I've done other exercises where "Dette"="This" and "Denne" means "That"


den (m/f) + det (n) = it, that
denne (m/f) + dette (n) = this


Size 40? Is that a metric thing?


It's a European womenswear sizing thing - size 40 = US size 8 = UK size 12. Here's a more detailed chart (I picked Asos at random, but if the link doesn't work, any womenswear retailer who sells international brands will have a conversion chart: https://www.asos.com/infopages/SizeGuide/pgesizechart.aspx )

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