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when to use es or est

November 7, 2013



This was very helpful. I'm copying and pasting the info here to make it easier and folks don't have to leave the page for the answer. the pronunciation may be the same but est refers to he/she/it and es refers to you (single person) or the old Thou

one tip : with the pronoun TU there is always, always, always an S at the end of the verb : tu marcheS, tu vendS, tu chanteS, tu vaS. with the pronoun il/elle/on there is never, never, never an S at the end of the verb : it can be E, T, A : like il chantE, il A, il esT

the verb être (to be) Présent de l'indicatif (present simple) je suis tu ES il/elle/on esT nous sommes vous êtes ils/elles sont

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