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  5. "Toalettene er der."

"Toalettene er der."

Translation:The toilets are there.

September 30, 2015



"Der borte" = "over there". "Der" is just "there", as in this sentence.


Does anyone else struggle to here the final e on toalettene? It sounds just like the singular to me.


I think she says Toalett'ne er der (swallowing that second to last e is the usual way of pronouncing it). In singular it should be Toalette' er der (silent t at the end of the noun)


That's how I've been pronouncing most definite plurals -- I mute the first 'e' =0 I've heard it pronounced both with and without in audio samples. Which is technically more correct for an østnorsk dialect (in east Oslo, maybe Hønefoss)?


My impression is that most of the dialects around Oslo (østnorsk, østlandsk) would have some sort of syllabic approach to the second to last e. Only tourist guides and the very literal dialects of (traditionally) west Oslo and Bærum will pronounce all the letters.

(And most often, they will swallow some vowels as well, but just refuse to acknowledge they do. When you know how to spell something it is quite common to believe you pronounce it to the letter as you "hear" the missing letters yourself)


Ahh, good to know. Takk for infoen ^.^


I was struggling like that on the normal speed, but on the slower speed the 'n' becomes more pronounced.


the first e on the 'ene' ending is swallowed, the second merges into the æ sound of the e from the next word, er. It sounds like "toalettn er" as a result (to me at least). This is quite common though, in my Duo experience.


So, in 'der' and 'er', is the 'e' pronounced as an 'æ', 'a', or something else? If anyone knows the IPA for it that would help.

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