"Lei beve zuppa."

Translation:She drinks soup.

January 4, 2013

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There are different kinds of soup in the world, leading to different ideas about how one consumes them. "Zuppa" is normally just a liquid or semi-liquid. One drinks a liquid. There are other types of "soups," though they would never be referenced by zuppa, in Italy which one would eat.
In English, the word "eat" has become synonymous with "consume." This, added to the diversity of soups, causes a great overlap of usage which can become erroneous. Few people will argue for the usage of "eat" in reference to plain broth, which illustrates the situation quite clearly.


Yes, right.

I think the words "eat" or "drink" have to do with the way of consuming the soup.

"drink soup" means to lift the bowl to the lips and drink it like drinking water from a glass.

"eat soup" means you use a spoon to transport a little of the soup from the bowl which rests on the table to your mouth which stays up above the table and than "eat" it like you would eat something solid.

In China for example people lift the bowl to their lips and "drink soup". In Germany it is good manners to leave the bowl on the table and use a spoon to lift a spoon full of soup to the mouth.

How do you usually consume soup in Italy?


Chinese use spoons too


I agree. In Spanish the only way to say it is "Drink soup".


Japanese people drink soup. That sentence doesn't make much sense for European and American people, but for Asian is normal. I love drinking soup, too, you should all try. :D


Depends on which americans you are talking about, US americans or people from america which is more that just the US, I'm american and I use "drink soup" or "eat soup" alike, it just depends on what kind of soup it is.


I agree with marziotta, absolutely. I'm japanese, and say "DRINK soup" in many cases.






Don't think I could learn your language, although it looks very artistic .


The fact is that here when the kids try to drink the soup they are scolded by the parents as it is bad manners... Every country has a different concept of good manners! :)


The same in Latin America-.


I sip my soup, but that's something else.


Why the translation is "You drink soup"? Isn´t supossed to be "She drinks soup"? O ris it "Lei" used for "you" too?


I haven't seen it explained here in Duolingo, but from my experience with other italian courses "Lei" can mean "You" when used in the formal speech. For example the informal way of saying "My name is Jorge and you?" is "Mi chiamo Jorge e tu?" now if you were to say that in a formal way it would be "Mi chiamo Jorge e Lei?" in such case "Lei" means you.


I get it, thank you :)


In spanish you would say drink your pills which sounds strange to my ear, but i guess anything you dont chew much could be thought of as drinking.


I don't have a problelm with eating or drinking soup, my question is why is "beve" correct for "eating" soup ?

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I guess Duo is smart enough to allow for the idiomatic translation, not just the literal.


Don't you usually say eat soup instead of drink soup?


You drink soup, at least in spanish that is really similar to italian


in Italian is "eat soup".. anyway, if you put it in a glass.....it depends LOL


Are you saying that even with ITALIAN it is not correct to say "DRINK" soup?


It's not the common usage to drink soup. You drink it if you take the bowl or plate in your hands and drink it. It's nice. It's fun. But usually you say "eat soup" because people don't dare drinking it.


In my opinion even if it's on a plate and you are using a spoon it is still a liquid thus you drink it. That it may have other ingridients which you do eat? yes, but those ingridients aren't the soup they are just part of it. Think of it as a glass of lemonade with ice, you drink the lemonade and eat the ice.


I agree the proper English translation should be "She eats soup. ". No one really drinks soup unless they are bringing the bowl up to their mouth and skullling it!


What about instant cup-a-soup? Made in a cup, drunk from a cup :)


Pleae I wonder how is it in Italian with articles? Is it pretty much the same as in English? What is the difference between: - Lei beve zuppa? - Lei beve la zuppa? - Lei beve una zuppa? What is common in Italian and when?


The question to me isn't so much what the "correct" english translation is, but whether Italians always use "beve" for soup? Is "mangia" incorrect? What about for something like "zuppa di pesce"?


Just want to understand what they do in italia drink soup or eat??? Or it depents from structure of soup?


People, you can only drink the broth


Yes, we eat soup in England, But 'beve' makes the translation 'drink' obvious!

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