"I drink water."

Translation:Jeg drikker vann.

September 30, 2015



There are "drikker", "drikk", and "drikke". When do you use these variations in Norwegian?


'drikk'(drink) is the imperative of 'å drikke'(to drink). These are usually commands.

Drink the juice! Drikk juicen/jusen!

'drikke'(drink) is part of the infinitive 'å drikke'(to drink). These may appear after modal verbs, such as 'kan', 'vil', 'må', &c...

Can you drink the milk? Kan du drikke melken?

'drikker'(drink(s)) is the present tense of 'å drikke'(to drink)

He drinks OR He is drinking. Han drikker.


This is an odd sentence to throw into the computers lesson. But I suppose I like the refresher.

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